Chris Cuomo Warns His ‘White Brothers And Sisters’ Not To ‘Be A Sucker’ And Trust Trump

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN’s Chris Cuomo wrapped up Friday night’s edition of “Cuomo Prime Time” with a warning to his “white brothers and sisters,” arguing that if President Donald Trump was not stepping up to help Baltimore, he wouldn’t help primarily white places either.

“We’re missing the point of what the problem is with the president pattern of pounding people of color and the places they live,” Cuomo began. “Here it is his best defense: ‘I’m the least racist person there is in the world. As far as I’m concerned.’ First, this really matters. The ‘least racist’ doesn’t mean not racist. Google it.”


Cuomo mentioned the fact that Republican Texas Rep. Will Hurd, the only black Republican serving in the House, had announced that he would not seek reelection — and suggested that could have repercussions within the party.

“So now what about all the non-white members of the on the Republican side?” Cuomo continued. “How long do they believe they can stay quiet or pretend that this is not about Politics of division? What you ignore you empower. And what you condone you own.”

But Cuomo didn’t stop there. He suggested that Trump really only cared about money, saying that when push came to shove, he wasn’t going to help Baltimore and he wouldn’t help white areas either. (RELATED: Elijah Cummings Fires Back At Trump Over Tweets Calling His District ‘Rodent Infested’)

“Don’t be a sucker my white brothers and sisters,” the CNN anchor warned. “The joke is on you too.”

“Budget too tight. Teachers in short supply. Stores and factories shuttered. Not enough employment,” Cuomo listed off just a few of the issues people in Baltimore have been dealing with. “If he doesn’t care about Baltimore why would he care about where you live? About you? Because you’re white? That tax cut wasn’t targeted to you if you’re in the middle class. 83 cents went to the color he cares about most. Green.”