‘Too Bad!’: Trump Responds To Reports That Cummings’s Home In Baltimore Was Robbed

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President Donald Trump tweeted out “Too Bad!” Friday morning in response to reports that Democratic Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings’s Baltimore home had been robbed.

Trump’s tweet follows up multiple comments in which he accused Cummings of being a “brutal bully.” Trump also tweeted that “no human being would want to live” in Baltimore, which is partly Cummings’s district. The area is “rat and rodent infested” as well as “filthy,” Trump wrote.

“Really bad news! The Baltimore house of Elijah Cummings was robbed. Too bad!” Trump tweeted Friday morning about the robbery.

Cummings’s Baltimore home was reportedly robbed a few hours before Trump’s first tweets about Cummings, according to The Hill, citing police. The Maryland congressman has hit back at Trump for administration issues. He chairs the House Oversight Committee, which has been active in trying to investigate the Trump administration.

Trump tweeted that Cummings “does NOTHING for his very poor, very dangerous,” and compared parts of Baltimore to the border in another tweet. (RELATED: Baltimore Sun Calls Trump A ‘Rat’ In Response To President’s Tweets About The City)


The tweets have sparked pushback, with some accusing Trump of being racist. Cummings pushed back on the comments as well, tweeting that he goes home to his district every day and wakes up to “go and fight” for his neighbors.

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