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Actress Is Ashamed She Was Born ‘White’ And ‘Privileged’

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The world is losing its collective mind — yes.

But Hollywood actress Rosanna Arquette is taking things a step further, saying she would like to change the “disgusting” color of her skin, which happens to be white.

Some films you may know that she has appeared in include Desperately Seeking Susan (she starred in the film along with Madonna, who is white), Pulp Fiction and Crash. She also played a healer on TV’s Malcolm in the Middle.

Arquette’s pronouncement comes on the heels of two weekend mass shootings, one of which was at the hands of an alleged White Supremacist. President Trump has denounced white nationalism, but many on the left believe his words have spurred on the recent shootings in El Paso and Dayton. Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden said Trump has “fanned the flames of white surpremacy in this nation.”

On Wednesday morning, she announced on Twitter that “Antifa is not a hate group.” Perhaps she has never heard of Rose City Antifa, which claimed responsibility for the attack on journalist Andy Ngo, who was left with a brain hemorrhage while reporting at an Antifa rally this summer. (RELATED: Rose City Antifa Admits Attack On Journalist Andy Ngo)

The actress was among the first women to speak out against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. “I was not raped,” she said. She recounted her specific experience to journalist Ronan Farrow, saying that she showed up to Weinstein’s hotel room to look at a script and he greeted her in his bathrobe and asked for neck massage. She told Farrow that Weinstein indicated that not doing as he wished would affect her career. She did not give in.

The Arquette family doesn’t shy away from politics. Earlier this year, Arquette’s sister, Patricia Arquette won a SAG award and thanked Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller in her acceptance speech. “Thank you to Robert Mueller, and everyone working to make sure that we have sovereignty for the United States of America,” Patricia Arquette said.

Though Rosanna Arquette takes issue with her race, she apparently doesn’t have a problem with her gender.

In 2010, Arquette became Goodwill Ambassador for The Womanity Foundation. Based in Switzerland, the organization aims to give women and men equal rights. The group works to improve the safety of women enduring physical and sexual violence, education and vocation training for women and giving women a voice in locales where the media is dominated by men.