Juan Williams References ‘Family Jewels’ During Vaping Debate And You Can Guess What Happened Next

Juan Williams (Screenshot: The Five/ Fox News)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Juan Williams referenced “family jewels” during a discussion about vaping concerns in this country and you can guess what happened next.

It all went down Tuesday during a panel discussion on “The Five” on Fox News about the “disturbing trend” right now showing that vaping is putting more than 100 people in the hospital with respiratory issues. (RELATED: Joy Behar: Female Trump Voters Don’t Know The Difference Between A Predator And A Protector)

Fox News Host Dana Perino noted that the cases “where there’s been problems” are in younger people. However, she added that just because teenagers are abusing e-cigarettes “adults should not be barred” from being able to buy the product. (RELATED: Meghan McCain Blasts Hollywood ‘Sex Strike’ For Telling Women To ‘Use Their Bodies As Bargaining Chips’)

“So Jesse [Watters], do we need more government regulation on Juuls and other e-cigarettes,” Katie Pavlich asked.

“They are probably going to tell them don’t target kids with the marshmallow flavor,” Watters responded. “I act like a teen because I skipped smoking e-cigarettes and I went straight to the Juul and I did it all last summer and then I kicked it. ”

“And Greg is right, it’s much better than actual tobacco,” he added. “Because that stuff will kill you.”

Pavlich then explained that now the “CDC is looking into this” and “they are working with a number of local health departments” after some “127 reports of seizures after vaping.”

“So when big companies who are selling these products that people under 18 can buy, often times as we know Washington, D.C., comes knocking on the door,” she added. “Do you think they are going to be holding hearings about some of these problems that they say are connected to vaping.”

“Of course,” Williams replied, before noting how “Juul has already backed off…the flavored smoke especially for kids.” But he added that it still can be “highly addictive.”

“So is love, Juan,” Greg Gutfield joked.

Williams continued, and said “they market this as a safe alternative. In my mind, that is nonsense. And that is again a way to draw people in, to get them attracted, get them hooked on nicotine.”

Gutfield replied, “Typical, blaming the Juuls,” before Williams came back with, “Oh yes, the family jewels to blame.”

The comment sparked laughter on set, with Perino straight up putting her hand on her head while cracking up and Jesse Watters uttering something that sounded like “not those jewels, Juan.”

The group then managed to get through the comments with their co-host, Juan, not seeming to realize what he had said. They finished the segment and then threw to a commercial break.

For those that might be unaware, the term “family jewels” has been used to reference a male’s genitals.