Democratic Rep. Wears ‘Make Russia Great Again’ Hat On MSNBC

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen donned a “Make Russia Great Again” hat on a Tuesday segment of “MSNBC Live” with Hallie Jackson, saying that was “what is happening in America.”


Cohen appeared on MSNBC to discuss a recent move by the House Judiciary Committee to expedite efforts to compel the testimony of former White House counsel Don McGahn. Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler had called McGahn the most important witness with regard to potential obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump, a sentiment echoed by Cohen.

“Justice denied — justice delayed is justice denied. We will get to it,” Cohen explained. McGahn is our most important witness. He was a witness to obstruction of justice. And the fact that he has been obstructed from appearing before us is even more obstruction of justice.” (RELATED: Steve Cohen Blames Gun Control Stall On Trump, House Judiciary Republicans)

Cohen went on to argue that the Trump administration waived immunity when they allowed the Mueller report to be publicly released, saying, “Immunity has never been cited or approved by courts in the past. They waived it when they made the Mueller report public. They waived immunity when they testified before Mueller. They do not have an immunity claim. They are finding whatever they can do, like throwing all the spaghetti up against the wall and seeing what sticks. Nothing is going to stick.”

Cohen concluded his appearance by donning a red baseball cap much like the Trump MAGA hats, saying, “I just want to show you what’s happening in America.”

“I can’t read that far,” Jackson said, and Cohen explained, “Make Russia Great Again.”

“Oh, my word,” Jackson laughed.