‘Baloney’: Dean Cain Isn’t Buying Apology From Debra Messing, Eric McCormack Over ‘Blacklists’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“Will & Grace” actors Eric McCormack and Debra Messing found themselves under the microscope after appearing to call for a “blacklist” of Hollywood Trump donors — but Dean Cain didn’t buy their attempts to backtrack.

After intense backlash, Messing reposted a statement from McCormack on Tuesday which said that his intent had “been misinterpreted in a very upsetting way.” He went on to say that he did not support blacklists, he only wanted to “understand where Trump’s major donations were coming from.” (RELATED: ‘Will & Grace’ Star Asks News Outlet To Out Trump Donors So He Can Boycott Them)

Cain responded Wednesday to McCormack and Messing, who had first asked The Hollywood Reporter to publish the names of attendees at a Tinsel Town fundraiser for President Donald Trump and then claimed that they were opposed to blacklists and had never intended any discrimination.

“Baloney,” Cain told the Daily Caller. “It’s a Blacklist they called for, plain and simple. Discrimination based on different political beliefs. If it’s a matter of public record, why would you call for it to be published in the Hollywood Reporter? To name and shame, and discriminate, that’s why.”

Cain, who had announced on Twitter that if he were not traveling he would certainly attend such a fundraiser, added, “It’s also why I openly said I WOULD have attended if I wasn’t out of town. Name me right now. I refuse to be bullied by their discrimination tactics, and I’m definitely not ashamed to support the policies of this President.”

“They realize they overstepped because the backlash was universal (from the left and right), and they are trying now to walk it back. Their true feelings were clear in their first tweets. Perhaps they are beginning to understand just how McCarthy-like their thinking and their rhetoric and their actions really sound,” Cain concluded.

Whoopi Goldberg, longtime host of ABC’s “The View,” let the “Will & Grace” stars have it on Wednesday, saying that it’s not a good idea to make lists because you might be on the next one.