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Geraldo Rivera Shoots Himself In Foot Over The AR-15

(Screenshot/Fox News)

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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I love Geraldo Rivera. If for no other reason than, more often than not, he seems to do what he has to do to get himself punched in the nose.

This time, metaphorically.

In a tweet Tuesday night, Rivera claimed that people who own AR-15’s have small penises.

He was replying to comedian and professional President Trump hater Sarah Silverman.

To which Rivera replied, “AR15 are the symptom of small penises.”

Along with that beauty of a comment, Rivera praised Walmart for taking certain kinds of ammunition off its shelves.

He explained, “Just like #Opioid manufacturers and #BigTobacco companies, Manufacturers of #AR15 type weapons should be sued for damages when their products are used for their only intended purpose: to mimic military assault weapons to kill and maim people.” (RELATED: Geraldo Rivera And Dan Bongino Raise Voices In Immigration Debate)

Even Nick Peterson of “Bachelor in Paradise” fame had something to say about all this.

“As a privileged one who has an AR15 and a large penis, I’d say that’s small penis shaming and hateful,” he tweeted. “And how dare you assume an AR15 owner’s gender. Sexist! And to say it’s a ‘symptom’ says you think it’s an illness. Buying an AR15 a choice. Choice is an illness? Wow.”

Seton Motley, president of the non-profit Less Government group in D.C, bypassed Rivera’s ding dong and went right for his brain.

“It’s either ‘An AR-15 is…’ or ‘AR-15s are….’ It is never the syntactic train wreck you conducted: ‘AR15 are…’ Owning an AR-15 says nothing about small penises,” he wrote. “Writing like yours says much about small brains.”

Tony Shaffer, who chairs a Trump advisory board, accused the Fox News contributor of being sexist.

“So – you are now a sexist?” he asked. “You are saying women don’t have or should not have an AR15? Do you feel that they’re the “fairer” sex and cannot have weapons? We really do need to understand why keeping weapons from women would make you feel like more of a man.”

Keen observers raised the issue of Rivera’s famed shirtless bathroom selfie.  “70 is the new 50,” he scrawled at the time. He’s now 76.

Former Telemundo backup dancer Adam Trahan had a big dig for Rivera.

“Geraldo is the symptom of low standards,” he wrote.

Suffice it to say editor and writer Kimberly Morin was annoyed.

“Are you saying that if I own an AR15, I have a small penis?” she asked. “Or is it that you don’t think women own AR15 style rifles?”

Rivera didn’t try to double down. (RELATED: Geraldo Stabs CNN’s Cuomo In The Head With His Brother)

Instead, he moved on to the devastating dive boat fire in California, asking 11 questions, including, “Why didn’t the captain go down with the ship?”