Taylor Swift’s Home Burglar Removed His Shoes ‘To Be Polite’

(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for MTV)

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The man who broke into singer Taylor Swift’s house still wanted to be polite.

Swift’s home was broken into by Richard Joseph McEwan of New Jersey on Aug. 30, according to a report published Tuesday by The Westerly Sun. The man reportedly removed his shoes to “be polite,” Westerly Police Chief Shawn Lacey said.

“A pair of orange shoes were found at the doorway where he broke in. When officers asked him why he wasn’t wearing any, he told them ‘I was always taught that when you go into someone’s home, you have to take your shoes off,'” Lacey said. “He said he did it because it was polite.”

Police were called to Swift’s home after a witness reported someone jumping over the fence surrounding Swift’s home. The man was found inside the “Lover” singer’s home and was caught after a brief on-foot chase. (RELATED: Man Allegedly Breaks Into Taylor Swift’s NYC Home Again)

“This was an unusual case in the sense that we found him inside the house,” Lacey said. “We’ve dealt with a number of complaints at the home since it was purchased, but this is the first I can recall of someone actually making it into the house.”

People need to leave Swift alone. She’s a celebrity and she just wants her privacy. Also, if the security guard didn’t hear the alarm go off after he jumped the fence and broke into the house, then she needs to get new security.

The shoes part is what gets me. What kind of burglar takes the time to remove his shoes?