Joe Scarborough And Ted Cruz Are In Total Agreement On ‘Stunning’ NYT Kavanaugh Omission

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough called out the New York Times in a Monday tweet, criticizing the “stunning” omission of what he called a “central fact.”

The article in question cited a new book, “The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: An Investigation,” and mentioned a new allegation of inappropriate conduct. In it, fellow Yale classmate Max Stier reportedly claimed that he had witnessed Kavanaugh exposing himself at a dorm party. And while the book included the fact that the alleged victim had declined interviews, and did not recall the alleged incident, the article about the book’s claims did not. (RELATED: Washington Post Passed On Thinly Sourced Kavanaugh Story Before NYT Published It)

“How did the @nytimes editors fail to include the below info in their article re: Kavanuagh? Would they have done so had @MZHemingway not noted the glaring omission yesterday? It was a stunning decision to leave that central fact out of an article filled with damning accusations,” Scarborough tweeted.

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz also used the word “stunning” to describe the NYT’s hasty correction to add the “central fact” that had been left out. “READ stunning NYT CORRECTION. If a high-school freshman did this on a school paper, he’d get an F. This is an outfit that has won multiple Pulitzers; presumably they know how to be actual journalists. It’s almost as if the reporters, editors, publisher have a political agenda,” Cruz tweeted, adding, “The correction, written by NYT, reads: ‘the female student declined to be interviewed & friends say that SHE DOES NOT RECALL the incident. That information has been added to the article.’ Please, somebody, try to give an explanation for omitting that central fact other than bias.”

“The View” host Meghan McCain also took aim at the NYT during the show Monday, criticizing the outlet for failing to mention the fact that the newly-cited witness Max Stier had a history with Kavanaugh. During the Whitewater investigation, Stier had worked on former President Bill Clinton’s defense team while Kavanaugh had worked for Ken Starr.