Meghan McCain Calls Out New York Times For Leaving Out Kavanaugh ‘Witness’ Ties To Clinton

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain called out the New York Times for leaving out the fact that their new witness, Max Stier, worked closely with the Clintons.

Monday’s episode of “The View” on ABC kicked off with a conversation about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the renewed calls for his impeachment and removal. Those calls followed a book and subsequent NYT article that allege new information with regard to one of the sexual assault claims against Kavanaugh.


McCain began her assessment by noting that the alleged victim had declined interviews. “What we know about the article, and again, I have not led investigations so I can’t speak to the legalities of it, but I can speak to the politics of it. The woman that was named in the article that was supposedly victimized says she denies any memory of the alleged event.” (RELATED: Meghan McCain Warns Democrats Ahead Of Debate: ‘The Trump Ads Write Themselves’)

Whoopi Goldberg clarified, adding that the alleged victim had reportedly declined to be interviewed and had “no recollection” of the incident.

“I do think that the New York Times, the fact they didn’t mention it came from Max Stier who was a Clinton defense attorney who battled with Kavanaugh during the Whitewater investigation is a fact we should have known,” McCain continued.

Stier was part of then-President Bill Clinton’s defense team during the Whitewater investigation, while Kavanaugh worked with special prosecutor Ken Starr. Stier also worked with David Kendall, one of the attorneys who worked with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton while she was under investigation for mishandling classified information.

“Regardless, this is not — I got a tweet on my phone or an alert from the New York Times from their original tweet, and I can’t repeat it on daytime television. That’s how sexually explicit it was, and the way that they launched this, this is a battleground culture war issue right now. There’s a thing called the Kavanaugh effect,” McCain concluded, tying a number of moderate Democrats who had lost their seats to the efforts of the far left to destroy Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing. “You want to impeach Trump and impeach Kavanaugh? Is that the winning strategy for Democrats going forward in 2020? I want to know. Do you think that’s what’s going to win over the Rust Belt?”