Refs Blow Another Major Call During Saints/Rams Game On Fumble Recovery

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The refs hosed the Saints once again against the Rams on Sunday.

During a 27-9 blowout loss for the Saints, Jared Goff fumbled the ball and it was taken back by Cameron Jordan. (RELATED: Judge Allows Lawsuit Against The NFL Over Rams/Saints Game To Continue, Goodell Can Be Questioned)

There was just one problem. The very obvious fumble was initially called an incomplete pass on the field. Watch the absurd call below.

What did the Saints do to get the refs in the NFL to hate them so much? Seriously, that’s now back-to-back games between these two teams where obvious calls have been blown by the officials.

Of course, this one doesn’t even hold a light to the infamous NFC title game no-call, but I’m not sure anything ever will.

I think it’s fair to say Sean Payton has every right in the world to hate the officials in the NFL. They seem hellbent on ruining the guy’s life with absurd decisions.

Back-to-back games with obvious situations handled incorrectly! It’s mind-boggling.

It should be fun to see how the NFL refs manage to hose the Saints next. They certainly haven’t let us down yet!