Kevin Hart Reportedly Faces A $60 Million Lawsuit After Hotel Room Sex Tape Incident

(Photo credit VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images)

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Comedian Kevin Hart has been named in a $60 million lawsuit after a 2017 sex tape leaked.

Actress and model Montia Sabbag accused Hart of conspiring to leak a hotel room recording of the two having sex in a federal lawsuit filed Monday to the Central District of California, according to a report published by USA Today.

After the recording of the two first surfaced in 2017, Sabbag called both herself and the comedian victims and claimed she would not be asking for any money from Hart. Jonathan Jackson, a friend of Hart’s, was later accused of attempting to extort the comedian after it came out that he had recorded Hart and Sabbag without consent. (RELATED: REPORT: Kevin Hart Walking After Suffering ‘Major’ Injuries In Car Crash)

“Montia and I are not asking for a cent from Kevin Hart,” the model’s lawyer said at the time, NBC reported.

“My pictures and my name have been released with lies written about me,” Sabbag also told reporters in 2017. “I am not an extortionist. I am not a stripper. I am a recording artist and an actress and I have not broken any laws.”

The new lawsuit, however, claimed Hart unknowingly “authorized, allowed, and otherwise permitted” his friend Jackson with access to his hotel room.

Sabbag accused Hart of benefiting financially after using the leaked sex tape to promote his tour at the time.