‘I’m Sorry To Inflict That Upon You’: Tucker Apologizes To Audience After ‘Last Gun Control Debate’ With Former Clinton Pollster

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson debated former Clinton pollster Bernard Whitman on the topic of gun violence in cities like Chicago and Baltimore.

However, Thursday night’s heated “Tucker Carlson Tonight” discussion ultimately left the Fox News host seemingly bewildered and apologizing to his audience for putting them through Whitman’s “stupid” arguments.


“Why are the places with gun bans, Chicago and Baltimore, for example, so much more dangerous than places where so-called assault weapons are common like Vermont or New Hampshire?” Carlson asked as they began the discussion.

“You have to look at where the guns are coming from,” Whitman said. “In Chicago, 60% of the firearms that Chicago police seize are coming from states like Indiana with very weak gun laws. In New York City and New York state, 74% of the guns seized are coming from states with weak gun laws. In New York City alone nine out of 10 guns purchased and used quickly come from states with lax gun control laws.”

“But I have never understood why, if all the guns in Chicago come from Indiana, then why doesn’t Indiana have a similar murder rate?” Carlson asked.

“Because the guns are leaving. The guns are being shipped to metropolises,” Whitman responded before trying to claim that Carlson was making a “great argument for federal gun control.”

After a back and forth about loopholes, the Fox News host brought the discussion back to Whitman’s original claim, noting that there are “a lot” of guns in states like Indiana, Vermont and Maine, without Chicago levels of violence.

“There is a lot more people in Chicago and New York City,” Whitman said. “That’s why the guns go to where the people are.” (RELATED: One Of Georgia’s Safest Cities REQUIRES Its Citizens To Own A Gun, But CNN Doesn’t Know Why Crime Is So Low)

“That’s not true,” said the Fox News host. “That’s a lie. It’s not population. There are densely populated places with guns without a lot of murders. Maybe it’s something else. Maybe it’s not the guns.” (RELATED: ‘Have A Million Seats’: Dana Loesch Blasts Philly Mayor’s Attempts To Blame ‘Law Abiding People’ For Criminal’s Actions)

The discussion devolved from there, with Carlson eventually dismissing Whitman, then telling his audience:

“This might be my last gun control debate. It’s too stupid. I’m sorry to inflict that upon you.”