Tucker Debuts ‘Actual Footage’ Of Joe Biden’s Confrontation With Corn Pop

Screen Shot/Fox News

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Tucker Carlson revealed Monday what he said was “actual footage” of the confrontation between former Vice President Joe Biden and the gangster named Corn Pop.


Carlson began the segment by acknowledging that there did, in fact, appear to have been a less-than-savory character known as Corn Pop living in Delaware in 1962. Trace Gallagher joined him with an update. “Turns out after a thorough investigation there was a Corn Pop living in Delaware at the time and a former NAACP president says it’s true Biden stood his ground,” Gallagher said. “As you might imagine plenty of others very skeptical of that story. Tucker?”

“Trace Gallagher thanks for the latest on that. Appreciate it,” Carlson responded. “Well, because of the skepticism that hovers over the story we dispatched our crack reporting team to the archives.”

He said that they found “authentic video footage of the showdown in 1962 between Joe Biden and Corn Pop.” (RELATED: The Root Writer Blasts Joe Biden’s ‘Negro Summer Safari Adventure’ With ‘Corn Pop The Gangsta’)

Once the video was over, Carlson corrected, “So my producers are telling me that actually that is footage from the rumble from ‘West Side Story.’ Easy mistake to make but we assume the encounter with Corn Pop did look something like that.”