Rep. Jim Banks Proposes Legislation That Will Force Arrested Protesters To Pay Police Overtime

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Republican Indiana Rep. Jim Banks announced Monday that he would be introducing legislation intended to “stop lawless protests.”

Climate protesters attempted to shut down Washington, D.C. Monday, blocking intersections and bringing traffic to a standstill while world leaders discussed climate change and possible actions at the United Nations, and Banks responded with the promise of a bill that would force arrested protesters to pay for the increased cost incurred by police officers charged with keeping the peace during such protests. (RELATED: 26 Arrested In DC Climate Change Protests)

“Under my bill, a person will be responsible for public safety response costs incurred by the District of Columbia’s response to a demonstration if, in connection with the demonstration, the person is convicted of a felony or misdemeanor offense,” Banks explained.

Banks clarified that he was only talking about illegal protests and not organized and permitted demonstrations such as the Women’s March or the March for Life.

Since federal monies go to DC government coffers, that means Hoosier taxpayer dollars go towards the police overtime and fees associated with these insane protests like #ShutDownDC,” Banks told the Daily Caller. “My intended bill would block that. It would also help prevent other lawless protests in DC and encourage folks to practice their First Amendment rights legally.”