Sunny Hostin Thinks Impeachment Hearings ‘Will Unify The Country’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Sunny Hostin claimed Wednesday on ABC’s “The View” that impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump would “unify the country.”

The show opened with the news that the White House had released the transcript of the president’s call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, along with the announcement made by Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicating that the House was pursuing an official impeachment inquiry.


Meghan McCain argued that impeachment could go horribly wrong for the Democrats if they don’t play it exactly right going forward. “The political implications are staggering. In swing states impeachment polls horribly,” she explained. “There’s voters, Democrats, Republicans and independents, that don’t want to go through this process. I said this clumsily before. If Democrats take this aim, you can’t miss.”

“Do you know who is having the best day today?” McCain continued. “Elizabeth Warren. Joe Biden is involved in this. His son is involved with this. President Trump is involved. Her poll numbers are rising. She’s first in New Hampshire. This is the best political day for her.” (RELATED: Meghan McCain Dare Democrats To Go Ahead With Impeachment: ‘Unleash The Kraken!’)

Co-host Joy Behar pointed out the fact that not everyone jumped on the impeachment train when the target was former President Richard Nixon. “During Watergate the company was not on board for impeachment either. It took a long time before —” she began. “I recall watching. Every day it was on television. It was right there for everybody to see all the crimes that Nixon committed.”

Behar went on, adding, “I don’t think people are watching this the way news people do. The average person in Kansas and Iowa they’re busy with their lives. Watch it every day. See what he did. Then come to your conclusion about whether he’s destroying the country.”

“69% is a staggering number,” McCain reiterated the number of Americans who still opposed impeachment.

“Also, to that point, when Nancy came out yesterday, within 15 minutes $250,000 was given to the Trump campaign,” Abby Huntsman cut in and McCain added, “It was $1 million all day yesterday.”

Huntsman went back to McCain’s warnings about Democrats doing it right if they do it at all. “If you think this country is divided right now, if you think politically we’re in a bad place, wait until we get to impeachment,” she said.

Hostin wasn’t so sure. “I think impeachment hearings will unify the country,” she said.