Ohio Police Fire Blanks During Active Shooter Drill

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Ben McDonald Contributor
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Franklin High School in Ohio conducted an active shooter drill Tuesday that involved police officers firing shotgun blanks around the school while students were instructed to take cover in classrooms.

Lt. Gerry Massey of the Franklin Police Department told the Cincinnati  Enquirer that the drill consisted of two officers shooting 13 shots each and parents were invited to a meeting prior to the drill to discuss it. (RELATED:Here’s How An Indiana School Prevented Another Devastating Shooting)

The active shooter drill consisted of two aspects. The active shooting portion of the drill consisted of the simulation aided by police. The other part was various Social Emotional Activities and a student discussion on safety in their classrooms.

School shooting drills have increased in frequency in response to recent mass shootings, but the effectiveness of such drills is not clear. An Indiana active shooter drill left multiple teachers injured after police shot them “execution style” with plastic pellets that left bruises and welts.

Colorado has taken a separate approach to school safety in response to mass shootings. As The Daily Caller reported, “Parents in Douglas County, Colorado, approve of commissioners voting for a flow of $10 million toward resources in response to the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting.”

A father in the Colorado district, who is a former FBI agent, suggested that the funds be used toward school resource officers, and arming volunteers or teachers that want to be trained.