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Afternoon Mirror: Journo Wakes Up To Firemen In His Apartment

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Quote of the Day:

“We need to eat the babies.” 

— a woman at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‘s (D-N.Y.) town hall when discussing climate change and population control. (RELATED: Woman Goes Bonkers At AOC Town Hall)

MOOD: “The idea of Donald Trump attacking anyone’s integrity is a joke.” — Joe Biden, Democratic presidential frontrunner on Thursday night.

Kellyanne Conway‘s husband, George, remarked, “Fact check: TRUE.”

Ex-MSNBCer, South Carolina political consultant Jimmy Williams: “Apparently batshit narcissist have a press conference today and said ‘there is no pro quo.’ Everyday I say I’m embarrassed for my country and then I get more embarrassed.”

Also this: “Can the Republican House preemptively impeach Trump? Let’s get this thing going now.” — Ben Shapiro, EIC, The Daily Wire.

Washington Examiner Deputy Contributors Editor Brad Polumbo complains of a cold and an alt-right mob going after him with a vicious nickname:

“Hi everyone: I’m sorry for keeping this short, but I’ve had a hell of a week. I caught a nasty cold over the weekend, then have been drowning in an alt-right digital hate storm for several days. Angered by something I wrote criticizing one of their figureheads, alt-right leaders, including convicted felons and leaders of the infamous Charlottesville rally, sicked Nazi internet mobs on me. They have been peddling in homophobic tropes and spreading doctored/photoshopped images and misleading misrepresentations to brand me ‘Predator Polumbo.’ It’s been hell, but is starting to blow over.” 

Brad Polumbo in an email to readers.

Backstory: On Oct. 1, Polumbo wrote a scathing piece about pro-Trump 17-year-old activist CJ Pearson. Read that here. After he published this piece, Polumbo began receiving abominable accusations on social media insinuating that he behaves inappropriately with small children. There is zero proof that these allegations are true. Polumbo has been tweeting about these atrocities all week long.

On a side note: Polumbo blocked The Mirror for no apparent reason. I’ve never even spoken to him, although I did request a comment from him Friday morning.

Last weekend, CJ Pearson, who is black, apologized for confusing nationalism with white nationalism: “Earlier this morning, I misspoke and mistakenly equated nationalism with white nationalism,” he wrote on Twitter. “After rereading my tweet, and the good-hearted criticism it prompted, I realized my error. 17 or 37 – I will never be too young or too old to admit when I’ve gotten it wrong.” (RELATED: Teen Journo Survives Disciplinary Hearing)

People over age 37 were outraged.

Pearson reacted to Polumbo’s story with this:

Polumbo, 21, reacted to the tweet, saying, “This is cute. @thecjpearson doesn’t like that I wrote an article criticizing his grift, so he’s resorting to the homophobic retort that because I’m gay and criticized him once, I’m a pedophile who is obsessed with him. Or something. Nice.”

I asked Pearson… if he had any reaction to Polumbo’s story about him.

On Thursday night, Pearson texted me this:”Earlier this week, Brad Polumbo sought to defame my character, capitalizing on a typo I made in the shameless pursuit of clicks and clout. What Brad would be wise to consider is that maybe, just maybe, everyone who disagrees with him isn’t alt-right. Maybe they’re just alt-him.”

Likewise, I requested a comment from Polumbo about his week and asked if he had any regrets about his story on Pearson.  

Here’s our email conversation:

BETSY: Why have you blocked me? We’ve never spoken. I’ve never so much as tweeted at you or about you. I’ve never written your name in a story. Anyhow, it happens. I don’t take it personally, but I’m curious.

BRAD: I blocked you because I heard you were doing a hit piece about me. I worried you would irresponsibly launder a homophobic alt-right hoax pushed by the Daily Stormer about me through your Daily Caller column. I did not want to make that any easier for you to do by allowing you to take my tweets out of context as the alt-right has.

BETSY: Just so you know…I was looking into a story about you — yes. But I never characterized it as a “hit piece.” I am a professional and I don’t go into a story declaring it a hit piece or any other kind of piece until I have all the facts. So … you heard wrong.

NOTE TO BRAD: Blocking me is ridiculous on a couple fronts, the least of which is I can still see your tweets whether I’m blocked or not. Why assume I am going to distort your tweets? Blocking me certainly doesn’t help your position that you don’t want them distorted. Why make it harder for a reporter to gather facts? That is not the brightest approach.

BETSY: Do you have any regrets about your story about CJ Pearson? He believes you sought to besmirch his character. You have any reaction to that?

BRAD: I stand by my story about CJ Pearson 100%. Read the opinion article. I made it clear that I do not in any way think he is a bad person, but rather that he is being used by bad actors in a malicious way and that all forms of political teen worship are wrong.

NOTE TO BRAD: I have read your story on CJ Pearson. Obviously.

BETSY: Do you still feel there is a alt-right mob coming after you?

BRAD: Is there an alt-right mob coming after me? Well, that might actually be a generous way to describe the folks who read the Daily Stormer, who just published a false, homophobic, anti-Semitic, and libelous article about me that is pretty much representative of this whole smear campaign. “Neo-Nazis and white supremacists” is probably a more accurate description of the mob that’s spamming my Twitter, email, and private messages and posting false and defamatory claims about me than “alt-right.”

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Journo wakes up to firemen in his apartment 

“This morning I woke up to a bunch of firemen & paramedics in my apartment shouting at me if I was ok & I was like ‘what?’ It turned out that a neighbor had had some sort of emergency but 9-1-1 had taken the apartment number down wrong. Everything worked out but very confusing lol.”

Ben Dreyfuss, editorial director, Mother Jones, who swore to The Mirror that this really happened.

If you’re wondering how the firemen got in before Dreyfuss could reach the door, he explained, “They were banging on the door and before I could get to it to let them in they burst in with a key the doorman had given them.” (RELATED: Mother Jones Journo Gets Crap For Having Blue Checkmark)

Elizabeth Warren: Faux Sex Scandal 

Ben Collins is a reporter for NBC News.

Reporters can’t even deal with it…

“Elizabeth Warren sex scandal? No thanks. Hard pass.” — Jim Antle, editor, American Conservative Mag.

“Guys, the world neither needs nor wants an Elizabeth Warren sex scandal, even in the super rare case it’s actually true. Just…please.” — Emily Zanotti, senior editor, The Daily Wire

The latest on Bernie Sanders: “The @BernieSanders campaign is telling @NBCNews that Sanders is still being treated in a Las Vegas hospital. They are not offering any timing on when he is expected to be released.” — Gary Grumbach, 2020 embed, NBC News.

Did he have a heart attack? Here. “This was very likely a heart attack.” — Jeremy Samuel Faust,  an emergency doc at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Jane O’Meara Sanders (his wife): “I intend to make sure Bernie takes a few days off to rest, but he’s ready to get back out there and we’re looking forward to the October debate. Again, thank you all for your wonderful support. It really does mean a lot to us.”

Berkeley law prof worries about state of GOP  

“What if a President committed an impeachable offense on TV from the South Lawn and no one in his party cared? I worry we may be about to find out.” — Orin Kerr, law prof, University of Berkeley Law School. 

Travel Bitches 

“The Liberal sitting next to me on the plane looked at my orange hat & said ‘it’s good to see a red hat that doesn’t say MAGA on it, you know.’ Little does he know my MAGA hat is in my carry on bag. I’m trying to make it to the White House safe this time so I didn’t respond.” — Terrence Williams, actor, comedian, commentator.

What if Clinton had publicly asked Lewinsky on a date? 

“Imagine Clinton, in the midst of his impeachment, standing in front of reporters on the South Lawn and asking Lewinsky to meet him later for a date.” — Ryan Teague Beckwith, 2020 reporter, Bloomberg. 

House Budget Committee Chair says Trump is ‘shameful’ 

“Trump didn’t shoot someone on Fifth Avenue. He shot himself in the foot on the White House South Lawn. Shameful. Illegal. Dangerous.” — Rep. John Yarmuth (D-), chairman, House Budget Committee. 

Ex-Hillary Clinton adviser says Trump has ‘no brain’ 

“Trump is going to be impeached for soliciting foreign help to win an election — among other things — and he’s still standing on the south lawn asking a foreign adversary to investigate his political opponents. No shame. No brain. Lock his ass up.” — Adam Parkhomenko, Democratic strategist. 

Journo: My dog is not an idiot

“CNN has Peter Navarro on right now. My dog, who does not even have his undergraduate degree, knows more about trade and economics than Navarro. No, I’m serious. Because my dog knows nothing. But everything Navarro knows is wrong. (My dog however, is a v. good boy.) …After I mentioned that my dog is smarter than Peter Navarro (which is a demonstrable fact) two trolls (so far) attacked my dog, one calling him socialist, one calling him an idiot. He is not an idiot.” — David Rothkopf, a media consultant, author, and Democrat who voted for former President Obama twice. 

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Name 3 dead public figures… 

Josh Rogin, CNN: “Name your top three public figures you wish were still alive right now to comment on what’s happening in our country. I’ll go first (in no particular order): John McCain, Christopher Hitchens, Hunter S. Thompson.”

Jennifer Rubin, WaPo: “McCain, Krauthammer, George HW Bush”

Michelle Jaconi, executive producer, WaPo: “Jesus Christ, Tim Russert and Martha Rountree.”

Hugh Hewitt, righty radio host: “Christopher Hitchens, Charles Krauthammer and Michael Kelly.”

Gossip Roundup 

HuffPost layoffs: “HuffPost laid off 11 video staffers today, per multiple sources.” — Max Tani, The Daily Beast.

Sports Illustrated layoffs: “NEWS: Management at Sports Illustrated just informed its newsroom in meetings that half the staff has been laid off, according to a person present.” — David Folkenflik, NPR.

Bedbugs at the NYT: “Per note that just went out to @nytimes staff, there “were positive readings for bedbugs” over the past week. The readings were on two floors: in a lactation room and a wellness room on floor 2; and a team room on floor 3 where the main newsroom is located.”

“Mike Pence wants more than anything in the world to be president.” — CNN’s Chris Cillizza with a brilliant hot take.

Warren campaign sends dinner to Sanders campaign HQ in D.C. Here.

Molly Jong-Fast, The Bulwark, liberal pundit: “I just watched a Jacob Wohl press conference that included talk of a lime green Dildo purchased on Amazon.”

Politico‘s Ben White asked, “Why do people go to these Wohl things? He is an obvious lunatic.”

Feminist wants her hate mail to stop 

“Will you guys stop snitch tagging me into people talking shit about me? I DONT NEED TO SEE HOW MUCH PEOPLE HATE ME. I already know. I am crystal clear on what people think of me. It doesn’t help me. It just makes me feel like shit because I am actually a person.” — Roxane Gay, writer, professor, editor and commentator.