Comedian Surprises Joy Behar With Impeachment Christmas Carol

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Comedian Mario Cantone joined “The View” to deliver a birthday surprise Monday for Joy Behar — an early Christmas carol with an impeachment twist.

Cantone first announced that he had gotten Behar some shapewear with Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff’s face “on the buttocks” so that wherever she went, Schiff “would be behind her” — and then he called for a change in set decoration.


Cantone’s version of the classic Christmas carol “Joy to the World” featured new lyrics focused entirely on the impeachment of President Donald Trump. (RELATED: ‘The View’ Bungles History, Blames Clinton Impeachment On Linda Tripp And The Blue Dress)

Joy to the world the time has come. Inquire, indict, impeach
Let every heart prepares his doom — he’s broken protocol, but stays above it all
Our POTUS is genius or neanderthal

He rules the world or so says he. But there’s a great divide
While Scaramucci’s turning and little Schiff is spurning his sycophants commence with Rudy on defense
And praise him with gold and myrrh and frankincense

Joy to the world Pelosi stands. McConnell doubles down.
The donkeys will unite. The elephants will fight.
The House will say let’s go, the Senate will say no.
The country will overdose on whistle-blow.

He rules the world by tweet and meme. But we’ve got Twitter too.
We raise our mobiles high.
And tweet impeach for joy, we tweet impeach for joy,
We tweet, we tweet impeach for joy.

Behar, who has long been calling for Trump’s impeachment, happily sang along.