Kelly Stafford Thanks Lions Fans For Support After Brain Tumor Surgery

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Matthew Stafford’s wife Kelly was very thankful for the support she received during a battle with a brain tumor.

Back in April, the wife of the superstar quarterback announced she had a tumor and had it removed a few weeks later. (RELATED: Matthew Stafford‘s Wife Kelly Announces That She Has A Brain Tumor)

After several complications after the fact, it seems like Kelly is finally back to being healthy, and she couldn’t be more grateful for the support she received.


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Kelly wrote the following for ESPN about the support she received from the organization and the fans:

I’ll say this: Detroit and Michigan really showed up. The Lions were incredible. They told Matthew to take all of the time and space he needed. And then, there were the fans. The amount of letters that poured into the facility — so many prayers, a lot of holy water — it was remarkable. Matthew joked that our house looked like a bootleg flower shop.

This state can be tough on its athletes, especially one that has been here so long. We’ve been here for 11 years now, and I had never really taken to this state as much as I wanted to … until now. Because the support that these people gave me — you can tell how much they love him by the support they gave me. I was truly grateful for it all.

This is another great example of sports being about a hell of a lot more than just the scoreboard. Kelly Stafford had an extremely serious health condition, and she couldn’t have gotten more support.

On the list of terrible health issues, a brain tumor is right up there near the top.


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Despite the fact Kelly Stafford and the Lions fanbase has had issues in the past, everybody was more than understanding.

Again, there are somethings that are just substantially more important than who wins and who loses the game.

Kelly Stafford was in the medical fight of her life, and she pulled through. The Lions gave Matthew some time to be with her, the fans were supportive and she pulled through.


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It was tough sledding at times, but that all appears to be behind her now. As a fan of the Lions, I’m incredibly happy to see her happy, healthy and moving forward with her life.

I can’t imagine how scary it must have been to have a brain tumor. Luckily, she fought back and got through it.