How President Trump’s Impeachment Will Be Different From All The Rest

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump’s impeachment strategy is looking much more like Richard Nixon’s than Bill Clinton’s, but does that mean he’s in for the same result?

Today on The Daily Caller Explains, Host Anders Hagstrom goes over how the United States has handled impeachment proceedings against the three presidents who have faced it in our history: Andrew Johnson, Nixon and Clinton.

Nixon and Clinton represent two opposite methods of fighting impeachment, with Nixon facing it head on and arguing his innocence, and Clinton doing his best to ignore the controversy and act as though his presidency was business-as-usual. Clinton’s strategy caused his approval rating to skyrocket as Americans became convinced Republicans were obsessed with the president’s sex life. (RELATED: Biden Says He’s The Reason For Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry)

President Trump’s impeachment strategy has so far resembled Nixon’s far more than Clinton’s, but there’s a danger the two presidents before him faced that Trump doesn’t.

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