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Tim Pool: Antifa Isn’t Protesting The Government. They’re Protesting American Citizens.

Amber Athey White House Correspondent

Journalist Tim Pool has been on the ground following Antifa as they smash, scream, and beat their political opponents into submission.

In a new video interview with the Daily Caller, Pool provides the clearest explanation of the group’s ideology and goals and warns people who sympathize with Antifa that they must call out violent members of the group. (RELATED: Journalist Describes Police Not Intervening While Antifa Assaulted Him)

“Ultimately I think the most alarming thing that we’re seeing is that, for the most part, what we colloquially refer to as Antifa — the black masked individuals going around with the flags — they’re not protesting the government. They’re protesting American citizens,” Pool asserted.


Pool goes on to point out that Antifa and other leftist groups claim to be taking on the establishment, but routinely rally on behalf of some of the largest and most powerful groups in the country, such as Hollywood and big corporations.

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