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Potential Congressman Dings Trump For Not Being A Better Father To Barron

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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White House kids are largely left alone.

But when you have a president who unabashedly goes after anyone without a care in the world and children who do the same, it seems Barron Trump has become fresh meat for swampy behavior.

Rob Anderson, a Democrat who is exploring a congressional run in Louisiana’s 3rd congressional district — by the way, good luck with that — has decided that critiquing President Trump‘s fatherliness is fair game. Not to Don Jr., Eric, Invanka or poor Tiffany, the adults in the fam. But Barron, who largely stays below the empire’s radar.

“A Father [capitol F] not taking his son to a baseball game, let alone a World Series game, is perhaps the worst indictment of a ‘family man’ I’ve ever heard,” Anders opined on Twitter to his 53.9K followers. Referring to a few male Republican members of Congress he added, “I have a feeling Trump could have gotten Barron a ticket, if he got tickets for Scalise and Gaetz.”

Anderson is such an astute father. Barron has reportedly dealt with bullying at school. So naturally staying out of the limelight is a bad idea. He attends a private school in northern Maryland.

Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.) is the current rep in Louisiana’s 3rd district. Anderson challenged him in 2018 and lost in a spectacular “jungle primary” in which Higgins wiped out seven opponents of all political stripes, including Anderson. Trump endorsed Higgins’ run.

Few people got on board with bringing Barron into this mess. You’d have to be some sort of monster to yank him into the entertainment pages. Right? Speaking of which, in the summer of 2017, Barron’s attire became the subject of a piece written by a really low-key, quiet, nice Daily Caller reporter who wanted to help Barron out. Few saw  it that way, as Washington usually collectively stands by its ‘leave all White House kids’ alone rule. (RELATED: It’s High Time That Barron Trump Starts Dressing Like He’s In The White House)

They still do.

“For a while we haven’t seen Barron Trump mentioned (which is a good thing) but I’ve seen an uptick recently…including this tweet,” remarked influencer extraordinaire Yashar Ali, a reporter for New York Mag and HuffPost. “He’s 13-years-old and didn’t choose this life. You have no idea why he wasn’t there, Rob. Leave him alone.”

Donald Trump Jr. angrily stuck up for his father and Barron.

“This is the dumbest thing ever!” DJTJ tweeted. “I mean f-ing stupid!!! Maybe he knew that the scumbag lobbyists and liberal elite in the 94% leftist swamp of DC would behave exactly as they did and therefore shielded a child from that kind of behavior. That’s great parenting moron!” (RELATED: Donald Trump Jr. Gets Last Laugh In Twitter War With Kamala Harris)

Anderson, the would-be lawmaker, was undeterred.

He was smothered in potential swampy power and influence.

“Man, the numbers are ticking on this one. I’m guessing folks agree?” he asked. “I don’t give a shit about politics, right now. My dad played ‘A’ ball. My best memories as a kid were watching him play. My dad’s a Republican (and a Red Sox fan). We can still talk baseball.”

Don’t hate him for being so popular.

“Y’all know I try to respond to all comments, but there’s a lot,” he wrote. “Bear with me. All voices matter.”  (Whatever that means.Yeah, the first amendment is hard at work.)

Anderson tried to cut off all possible counter critiques off at the knees. You know, in case he’s not exactly father-of-the-year material himself.

“In case it comes up, yes, I have been to a World Series, in 1996 (Yankees versus Braves) and no, I didn’t take my son along. He was born a year later, in 1997.”

All in all, Anderson is quite proud of himself for berating Trump for not bringing Barron to the game. On Sunday night, Trump attended the World Series game with wife, first lady Melania Trump. He received boos, but enthusiastic applause from his wife and aides surrounding them.

“Of all my Tweets [sic] that have gone around the world, I’m okay with this one — about the American ‘father/son’ tradition of taking your kid to a ball game — gathering the ire of the Trump kids,” Anderson wrote. “I likely struck a  nerve.”

Can you imagine the self-talk with this guy? He brought the conversation back to someone he’s very interested in these days — himself.

“I love my dad,” he continued. “He took me to ballgames. Exeunt omnes.”

He added, “By the way, my son is quite proud of his dad for this Tweet [sic].”

At this point, strangers raised the issue of autism.

Anderson had a response for that, too.

“I am autistic, as is my dad and my son,” he wrote. “I was speaking from that viewpoint. Autistic doesn’t mean we don’t like going to baseball games with dad.”

Karoli Kuns, managing editor of the liberal Crooks and Liars, suggested that Anderson may not know what the fuck he’s talking about. As if that were a real possibility.

“Maybe Barron doesn’t like baseball,” a blonde woman tweeted at him. “Or hearing crowds shout at his dad. I don’t know, there’s a lot of things to criticize him for but this may not be one.”

Anderson shot back, “It was criticism of a father, speaking from my own experience. If I was off base (no pun intended) so be it — my own best memories of childhood are ballgames with my dad. Tweeted from that perspective.”

In other words, too bad.

He’s busy lapping in the luxury of his vast, important Twitter following.