Elizabeth Warren Has A ‘Super Duper’ Plan To Implement Her Proposed Wealth Tax

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren promised “super duper enforcement” to ensure the implementation of her proposed wealth tax.

Warren made the comments during a New Hampshire Public Radio event hosted by Laura Knoy along with NHPR’s political reporter Casey McDermott. (RELATED: Warren Skirts Question On Taxes, And Buttigieg Takes The Fight To Her)

Warren, in a move reminiscent of former President Obama’s “you didn’t build that” remarks, made the case for her wealth tax in part by claiming that wealth gained in America was wealth that was necessarily built with the help of others.

“I guarantee, if you built that fortune here in America, you built it at least in part using workers all of us helped pay to educate,” she said. “You built it at least in part, getting your goods to market, on roads and bridges all of us helped pay to build. You built it at least in part protected by police, firefighters — all of us helped pay the salaries.”

Warren went on to say that those who made it big should be happy to give back and help others. “If you make it big, I mean really big, I mean super duper one-tenth of one percent big, pitch in two cents so everybody else has a chance to make it in this country,” she said.

Warren addressed concerns with failing wealth taxes in some European nations, explaining that because the threshold was so high — focusing only on individuals with amassed wealth over $50 million — enforcement would necessarily be less complicated and more effective.

Touting “super duper enforcement,” Warren then outlined a plan that included partnering with foreign governments to track those who would be subject to the wealth tax whose money was being held in other countries.

WATCH Warren’s full remarks:

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Posted by New Hampshire Public Radio on Wednesday, October 30, 2019