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Journalists Delightfully Dunk On Ann Coulter For Insisting Tulsi Gabbard Is A U.S. Senator


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Fire breather and bestselling author Ann Coulter had trigger finger Thursday when she lashed out at a Twitter user named “catturd2” to tell him or her that Tulsi Gabbard is a SENATOR not a House Representative.

Except Gabbard is a U.S. Democratic representative from Hawaii and a 2020 presidential hopeful. As of late, Gabbard has been talking about the lack of “aloha” in this country. It’s something she wants to bring to the Oval Office when she wins the White House. It means, love, peace, compassion and mercy.

By the way, Gabbard did vote in the affirmative for impeachment proceedings to begin.

Journalists displayed a certain glee in devouring Coulter. There was absolutely no aloha within a thousand mile radius of Coulter’s Twitter feed.

“We’re now at the point where pundits like Ann Coulter aren’t even giving things a quick google before going CAPS LOCK on objectively wrong information,” tweeted Alex Whitcomb, manager of audience content for WIRED. “Remember this when she posts about other things so assuredly.” 

Coulter is known for writing things to incite the left, especially journalists. She has seethed at President Trump for what she sees are his weak stances on immigration. (RELATED: Coulter Lays Into Trump Over Border Wall) She has attacked Trump’s family. (RELATED: All the President’s Bloodsucking Relatives) She has mocked Kellyanne Conway‘s marriage, saying Trump should declare it a “national emergency.” She routinely says things that rile people. She has even said she’d make a great POTUS.

The liberal RawStory had to be tasting its own bile as the publication ran with this headline: “Ann Coulter hilariously melts down after Tulsi Gabbard votes to start impeachment process.”

Quin Hillyer, a conservative columnist for Washington Examiner, gave her a simple factcheck.

“No, she isn’t a senator,” he tweeted at Coulter. “She’s a House member.”

Wilson Zheng, a book agent at High Road Touring, was less kind. “You are a fucking moron,” he wrote.

WaPo‘s Gene Park, a gaming reporter,chimed in, “I hope you never delete this.”

WaPo‘s Aaron Blake asked, “Did Ann Coulter just mix Tulsi Gabbard up with Mazie Hirono?”

Playboy‘s Trump-hating White House correspondent Brian Karem wrote, “Ann Coulter apparently auditioning for a spot in the @realDonaldTrump administration with an epic fail.”

Even Rep. Nydia Velasquez (D-N.Y.) wanted in on the fun. “This is about as accurate as everything @AnnCoulter tweets,” she tweeted. 

Julia Davis, an investigative reporter who has bylines in WaPo went with a condescending question: “Really?”

Joshua Holland, a contribution to The Nation, seemed to find an ant-sized amount of compassion: “To be fair to Ann Coulter, Tulsi is a Senator-level pain in the ass.” 

My pal @hstgerard couldn’t help himself: “Your terminal stupid is spreading throughout your brain now.”

Various GIFs depicted her as drunk. Others pointed out her lack of intelligence. Memes suggested that Coulter had dropped her brain.

The tweet heard around the world was published at 1:14 .m.

By 2:50 p.m. Coulter’s shout-y tweet was still up.

UPDATE: Uh oh. Coulter tried to diffuse the situation by doubling down, wherein she tries to right the ship while perhaps making things worse. She tweeted, “She SHOULD be in the senate.[sic]” And then… she tried again with something approaching self-deprecation. “This should make international headlines,” she tweeted. “Coulter Makes Mistake! First Ever!”