Ringo Starr, Beatles Reunite For New Recording

(Photo by Getty Images)

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The Beatles got back together to record a new song.

Musician Ringo Starr’s decision to record one of the last songs John Lennon wrote led to the whole band getting back together, according to a report published Wednesday by Reuters.

The singer originally was going to record by himself, but his producer got Paul McCartney and George Harrison to join the project.

“Grow Old With Me” was recorded by Lennon for the album “Double Fantasy,” but was ultimately left off. The new single will be included in Starr’s new album “What’s My Name.”

“It was emotional listening to John’s version, cause he’d written other songs for me,” Starr said. “So I thought no, I’m going to do this one.” (RELATED: The Internet Is Freaking Out Over The New Ink Drake Got After Beating Beatles’ Record)

“I love the song, and the emotion of him speaking to me,” he added. “He’s been gone quite awhile, but it’s emotional to me. He was one of my greatest friends.”

The last time all four of the The Beatles were reportedly together in the recording studio was August 20, 1969, according to reports.

Starr recently released a photography book titled, “Another Day in the Life” to celebrate 50 years of The Beatles’ “Abbey Road.”