Experts Agree, This Is One Of The Best GPS Drones For Beginners

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Drone technology continues to evolve and while the military is rightly seeing the greatest benefit from these advances in technology, even commercial drone technology has come a long way. There are a plethora of drones on the market, ranging from cheap child toys to replica military technology that can run you thousands. To help sort through that market and find a drone that the average person can enjoy, we did some research, scouring through Amazon reviews, tech magazines, and sent out some emails to companies until we were pretty confident we found a drone that would serve our readers well: Potensic’s D50 Quadcopter.

The D50 Quadcopter makes a great gift for children and adults alike! (Photo via Amazon)

The D50 Quadcopter makes a great gift for children and adults alike! (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $239.99, this Quadcopter is currently just $139.99 for as long as supplies last

What makes the D50 Quadcopter the right choice? To start with, its affordable, normally running $239.99 (but on sale currently for over 40 percent off), right around $250, a price point where our research says you usually see the best value in terms of drone quality and affordability.

For example, cheaper drones usually only run off of WiFi, meaning they are really only good for use in the backyard or somewhere with a strong WiFi signal. By contrast, the D50 utilizes 5G to make it a valid option for taking out to the park or the woods or the beach or really anywhere. In fact, the Drone advertises long range control as being one of the main things it kept in mind during manufacturing!

On top of that, flying could not be any easier. Using “Follow Me” mode and “Draw The Dot” mode, you can have your drone follow you wherever you move, or set a path for the drone via an easy to use touch screen. This is in addition to the normal control system of joysticks that should be easy for children and adults alike to master.

Control with ease (Photo via Amazon)

Control with ease (Photo via Amazon)

This long range 5G controlled drone is a great value buy even at its normal price. On Sale? It’s a No-Brainer!

The drone also includes protective measures like “auto return” if the drone is low on battery, out of range, or if someone hits the off button while it is in the air.

Best of all, there is currently a one day sale going out for this drone, that can save you 40% off the normal retail price, meaning you can pick up a quality drone around the price point where drones become value buys, for $120 less than it would normally cost. The one caveat: this is a one day deal with limited stock and once the deal is 100% claimed, both the discount and the D50 Quadcopter will be unavailable to you, so just keep that in mind!

(Photo via Amazon)

(Photo via Amazon)

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