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‘Man Plans, God Executes’: Sebastian Gorka Opens Up About His Journey To America And The White House

Stephanie Hamill Video Columnist

Sebastian Gorka, former White House adviser and author of the new book “The War For America’s Soul,” sat down with Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill to talk about his journey to America and the White House.

Gorka told the DC that he was born in London, United Kingdom, and said he’s the son of Hungarian refugees who escaped communist Hungary during the revolution in 1956.

“When my parents escaped they gave their last penny and my father’s, father’s gold pocket watch to the peasant who knew the safe route through the minefield,” said Gorka. “When my parents arrived to the UK they had nothing, they started from scratch.” (Shannon Bream: How I Found My Faith and Climbed the Fox News Power Ladder.)

He went on to say that his family’s experience with communism is one of the reasons he speaks out against the socialist movement in America.

“The extinction of liberty is always but one generation away,” said Gorka.




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