Hong Kong Protester Gunned Down, Another Set Ablaze During Day of Violence


Jake Dima Contributor
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A Hong Kong protester took a bullet and another was set on fire Monday, following a string of demonstrations to resist the encroachment of the Chinese government.

A viral video shows a police officer drawing his sidearm and thrusting the weapon into the abdomen of a masked protester. Another man approaches to assist in the struggle, and the officer appears to fire several shots at him — one of them landed.


The protester — who is reportedly critically injured — is the second to be shot while resisting the Chinese government since June of this year. He’s undergoing surgery, and authorities say he was the only one hit, according to an Associated Press report.

Another graphic video shows what appears to be an argument between pro-democracy Hong Kong rebels and an agitated individual. The disagreement came to a head when the man — who is alleged to oppose the actions of pro-democracy protesters — is deliberately doused with a flammable liquid and torched with a lighter.


Monday’s violence stems from statements made by Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam that she would not give in to the demands of whom she deemed “enemies of the people,” referencing Hong Kong protesters, an AP report says.

“If there is still any wishful thinking that, by escalating violence, the Hong Kong SAR government will yield to pressure to satisfy the so-called political demands, I am making this statement clear and loud here: That will not happen,” Lam said.

Over 260 people found themselves behind bars Monday, adding to a total of 3,300 since the demonstrations commenced in June. (RELATED: Hong Kong Demonstration Draws Crowd Of More Than 1.7 Million Against Government Orders)