Disney Edits Han Solo/Greedo Shootout In ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ For Disney+ Release


David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Disney has changed the famous Greedo/Han Solo shootout for the release of “Star Wars: A New Hope” on Disney+.

The legendary scene has been altered before to make it appear like Greedo fired first. For reasons I’ll never understand, having Han shoot first, despite being justified, wasn’t acceptable.

Now, more alien dialogue has been added on the part of Greedo, and Collider speculated it’s to further the belief Solo is being essentially cornered without options. (RELATED: The Trailer For ‘Westworld‘ Season 3 Has Been Released. It’s Absolutely Insane)

Watch the original version below and then the Disney+ version right underneath.

Here is a look at all the edits rolling at the same time.

This is so dumb. This is so incredibly stupid. Why is it a problem that Han Solo shot first? He’s Han Solo! Of course he shot first! He’s the baddest man in the galaxy!

The idea we have to sanitize this shootout is so unbelievably dumb. Even worse, it’s just soft.

There’s nothing wrong with Solo shooting first. It was justified, and it’s totally within his character to do so. Why are we pretending otherwise?

Does Disney think so little of the audience they essentially have to protect our feelings? Han Solo shot first, and it’s that simple.

Stop editing the damn footage, revert it back to the 1977 original version and everything will be fine. There’s no need for this to be complicated.

Sound off with your thoughts in the comments. Something tells me that everybody with common sense will agree.