Fox News’ Chris Wallace: Taylor Testimony ‘Very Damaging’ To Trump

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Fox News host Chris Wallace said that Ambassador William Taylor’s House testimony Wednesday was “very damaging” to President Donald Trump.

“I think that William Taylor was a very impressive witness and was very damaging to the president,” Wallace said. “First of all, as you pointed out, he took very copious notes at almost every conversation when he put quotes in his opening statement, he said those were direct quotes from what was said.” (RELATED: House Republicans Release 18-Page Memo Featuring Their Case Against Impeachment)

“It also doesn’t hurt that he has a voice like Edward R. Murrow. He is a pretty impressive presence up there,” he added.

“And I think very non-political. He went out of his way to talk about what he knew, what he was specifically testament to. The only thing he talked about was a strong feeling that it was in the U.S. national security interest to support Ukraine in the fight against Russia. But, he certainly wasn’t taking any partisan position.” (RELATED: President Trump Promises Release Of ‘Tantalizing’ First Phone Call With Ukraine)

The impeachment proceedings gripped Washington on Wednesday. In Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff’s opening statement, he appeared to lay the groundwork for a possible obstruction case for impeaching Trump.

Fox’s Wallace has been on the network for nearly 16 years, and has been bearish about impeachment. Last month, he claimed that a “well-connected” Republican told him there was a 20% chance Republicans Senators vote to remove the president from office. (RELATED: Fox News Polls Show 49% Of Americans Want Impeachment, Democrats Beating Trump In General Election)