‘Abortion Is A Symptom Of Needing To Not Be Pregnant,’ Abortion Expert Says

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Abortion doctor and commentator Dr. Jennifer Gunter said Wednesday that “abortion is a symptom of needing to not be pregnant.”

Gunter, who is the author of the 2019 “The Vagina Bible” and a New York Times contributor, tweeted the statement as part of a series of tweets on “how to stop a civil war on abortion.” She has not responded to a request for comment on the medical accuracy of her statement.

“Here is how to stop a civil war on Abortion: Mind your own uterus,” Gunter tweeted Wednesday. (RELATED: In Check On Live Action, Fact Checkers Cited Doctor Who Openly Spewed Hate For Anti-Abortion Groups)

“Follow evidence based medicine, which includes affordable and easy access to the entire scope of reproductive health care and quality sex education. Work on everything in America that contributes to poverty.”

Abortion is a symptom of needing to not be pregnant,” Gunter added. “There are many ways to reduce the need, e.g. contraception, sex education, pre conceptual folic acid, quality health care (before and during pregnancy), eliminating poverty, eliminating domestic violence, etc.”

Gunter also said that people who focus on sex-selective abortion, abortions performed if the mother does not like the baby’s predicted sex, are saying that “the only time a woman matters is when she isa  fetus.”

Want to end the abortion civil war,” Gunter added. “Take abortion out of politics.”

Gunter frequently contributes to the New York Times column “You Asked,” writing about vaginas, periods, women’s reproductive health, and more. She formerly wrote similar stories for HuffPost as a contributor where she referred to herself with the bio, “OB/GYN, writer, sexpert, defender of evidence-based medicine, Canadian Spice.”

Gunter has also been cited by the Guardian as a defender of abortion.

Live Action Founder and President Lila Rose hit back at Gunter’s comments, saying that “no amount of semantics can change the fact that abortion takes the life of a unique, developing, human person.”

“Gunter is speaking here as an abortionist and extreme abortion advocate, not as a medical professional who should be focused on healing and preserving life, not justifying the deliberate killing of a preborn child,” Rose told the Daily Caller News Foundation, adding that it is “perverse” that Gunter claims to advocate for women when defending the targeting of baby girls in the womb through sex selective abortion.

“No one claiming to stand for women’s rights should hesitate to condemn sex selection abortion,” Rose said.

The New York Times, the Guardian, and HuffPost did not yet respond to requests for comment on the medical accuracy of Gunter’s words as an abortion expert.

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