Warner Bros. Releases First Trailer For Ben Affleck’s ‘The Way Back’

(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)

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Warner Bros. released a trailer for actor Ben Affleck’s newest movie “The Way Back” on Thursday.

In the movie, which is set to premiere March 6 and was produced by Warner Bros., Affleck plays an alcoholic construction worker who gets the opportunity to coach his high school team in basketball.

The trailer shows Affleck’s character drinking on the job before being told about the opportunity to coach after the current basketball coach died of a heart attack while at the local bar.

“Is the team any good?” he asks. The man responds by saying the team hasn’t been good since the last time Affleck played.

The film “touches the heart and shows the power of redemption and the human spirit to rise.”

The movie was directed by Gavin O’Connor, who also previously directed Affleck’s movie “The Accountant.” (RELATED: Ben Affleck On Sobriety Setback: ‘Not Going To Let It Derail Me’)

I usually love Affleck, but I’m expecting this film to be really good. Although it was a low-budget film, it’s a classic sports redemption story and I just absolutely love those. There is anything better than a story about someone overcoming something that has really hindered them.

It’s also moving to see Affleck play a character that he most likely relates to so well, considering he struggles with substance abuse issues in real life.

The film was supposed to come out in October, but I’m going to be just as excited to see this in March.