Stephen A. Smith Tears Into Colin Kaepernick Over Workout Drama

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

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ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith ripped into former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick after the activist moved his scheduled workout at the last minute.

Smith said Monday on ESPN’s “First Take” that Kaepernick’s stunt Saturday may have very well ended his chances to return to the league. Kaepernick moved his workout 30 minutes before the scheduled workout in Atlanta. (RELATED: Trump: I ‘Would Love’ To See Colin Kaepernick In The NFL ‘If He’s Good Enough’)

“It was planned,” Smith said of Kaepernick’s last-minute venue change. “Well if it was planned and you knew what you were going to do, why did they find out a half hour before your workout.”

“At the end of the day, you had the opportunity to show up for a workout,” Smith added. “When you want a job, these are not things that you do.”

Smith’s got a point. When you look at the way Kaepernick handled himself over the weekend, it seemed like he was more concerned with promoting his brand than getting back in the league. (RELATED: ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Has Horrendous Take On Mental Illness)

This was probably Kaepernick’s last chance to get back in the league, and he blew it, which is likely a positive for the league. A poll conducted last week by Smoke Room Editor and Chief David Hookstead found that 91% of fans do not want to see Kaepernick back in the league.