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Afternoon Mirror: How Much S#!$ Should Journalists Take?

By The Daily Caller

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Hey @DevinNunes what do I have to say to get you to sue me too. You’re corrupt? You met with a bunch of corrupt Ukrainians. You still wet the bed?” 

Joe Lockhart, former White House Press Secretary to former President Bill Clinton.

MOOD: “Just spent a full minute trying to get into my office with my Metro card.” — Ashley Feinberg, reporter, Slate.

CNN’s Brian Stelter brags about his sources 


“Sorry I missed this… While Hannity was calling me Humpty Dumpty again, I was busy on the phone with sources.” — CNN’s CHIEF MEDIA CORRESPONDENT Brian Stelter in a tweet late Monday night after FNC’s Sean Hannity mocked him on his program for hosting a segment in which a “source” told him President Trump was running a cult. Um, yeah, it’s finally gotten to this ridiculous point. Maybe someone can send him some jelly donuts?

Headline in The Root: “Pete Buttigieg Is A Lying MF.” Inside the story, Michael Harriot, a senior writer at the black news publication, writes, “I want to be clear. Pete Buttigieg is a lying motherfucker.” There is one correction on the story:
Buttigieg went to University of Notre Dame, not Notre Dame University. The story has been updated.” Read the story here.

Travel Bitches 

“The woman in front of me at the Washington-Reagan Airport just handed the TSA agent a boarding pass for Dulles Airport. I think I just watched a Thanksgiving die.” — Anders Hagstrom, The Daily Caller.

Marianne Williamson wants to help kids with PTSD 

“Psychologists say the PTSD of millions of American children is no less severe than that of returning veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq, simply from living with the daily pressures put upon them. We will not ignore these pressures; we’ll address them.” — Marianne Williamson, Democratic presidential candidate, new age guru.

Eavesdrop Café: All Christians are douchebags? 

“Overheard some guy at the bar loudly say ‘all Christians are douchebags,’ and was about to tell him off, but the conversation continued and he was talking about dudes named ChristianOverheard some guy at the bar loudly say ‘all Christians are douchebags,’ and was about to tell him off, but the conversation continued and he was talking about dudes named Christian.” — Alexander Griswold, Washington Free Beacon.

The Daily Caller‘s Christian Datoc remarked, “I feel personally attacked.”

WaPo conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin advises Dems 

“Dems need to toughen up their language: Sen. Kennedy, Rep. Nunes, etc. are Russian stooges and unAmerican. Say it.” — Jennifer Rubin, columnist, #NeverTrumper, WaPo.


“I can’t find the tweet but recently someone said millennial culture is stepping directly onto the sewer grate because you don’t fear death and I think about it every single day.” — Olivia Nuzzi, New York Mag.

Andrew Yang sets record straight about MSNBC’s so-called apology 

ANDREW YANG, presidential hopeful: “FYI MSNBC did NOT apologize to the campaign and did not initiate the call. Don’t let them spin it otherwise.”

MIKE BREST, Washington Examiner: “A person at @MSNBC familiar with the matter told me that the network issued a private apology to @AndrewYang this weekend regarding their coverage. However, a spokesperson for the Yang campaign said the network hasn’t been in touch.”

SHELBY TALCOTT, Daily Caller News Foundation: “Seeing reports citing an anonymous @MSNBC source that the outlet issued a private apology to @AndrewYang. He’s denying this claim. Great example of how using anonymous sources can backfire. These claims should 100% be on the record, or the legitimacy begins to be lost.” (RELATED: Hey, MSNBC, Meet Andrew Yang, The Man Who’s Not Going On Your Network Until You Treat Him Right)

Journo can’t deal with this word 

“The word ‘doggo’ is insufferable.” — Brittany Shepherd, Yahoo News.

The Mirror Therapy Hour 

“One side of my extended family of origin essentially doesn’t exist any more. The other side is large and vibrant and holds an enormous Thanksgiving feast. Two blocks from my house. They just don’t invite my family. Happy Thanksgiving. Is it over yet?” — Bryan Behar, TV writer, bylines, HuffPost.

Gossip Roundup

Sydney Leathers wants ‘hooker’ on her resumé, thank you very much 

“Lmaooo someone suggested I’m not an actual sex worker because I’ve been published in the Washington Post. Good to know my years as a literal hooker were erased with one article!” — Sydney Elaine Leathers, contributor, Washington Babylon, porn actress, ex-sexting partner to ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.).

Program note: “I’ll be on [Morning Joe] tomorrow! Tune in at 7:15AM or so to hear me chat with the team about… whatever!” — Liz Mair, Republican communications strategist. (RELATED: The Mirror Questionnaire With Liz Mair)

Jezebel has ‘sunbathing your asshole’ covered. Here.

Journos muse on best way to deal with online assholes

ALLY SCHWEITZER, WAMU: “Reporters, what’s your policy on muting or blocking people? I had an editor once who said I should never mute or block anyone. I followed that rule for awhile. Now I don’t. I can’t focus on my work when I’m getting harassed or attacked.”

KIMBERLY ATKINS, MSNBC contributor: “It’s important to remember Twitter is not real life and does not necessarily represent who your readers/listeners/viewers are.”

OlIVIER KNOX, chief D.C. correspondent, SiriusXM: “I never block – why give them the satisfaction? Let ’em scream into the void.”

FELICIA SONMEZ, WaPo: “I’ve had to block a ton of accounts and muted a bunch more. There’s a lot of targeted harassment out there; seems that editor may not have grasped the reality of what it’s like to be a woman online.”

JAMES FALLOWS, longtime journalist, has worked for The Atlantic: “For years my policy was: Mute frequently, block rarely. I have switched to ‘One strike and you’re out’ on blocking. Ie, reverse of previous policy. If someone comes on abusively, in bad faith, just trolling etc, you wouldn’t engage with them in real life, so why here?”

CAITLIN GIBSON, feature writer, WaPo: “That wasn’t good advice. I mute people who are antagonistic/obnoxious and clearly uninterested in productive discourse. I block anyone who is abusive. I have no hesitation about either. No one can do their best work when they’re distracted by a barrage of nonsense and harassment.”

FENIT NIRAPPIL, reporter, WaPo: “Block for harassment, mute users who are obnoxious and engage with constructive criticism. I’m also a big believer in muting high-profile accounts that act in bad faith to rile people up.”

Conan, the dog who visited the White House, has a gender switch 

“A White House official confirms to me on background that Conan the hero dog is male. Earlier, the White House said that he was a she. But he is not.” — Eamon Javers, White House correspondent, CNBC.

Washington Examiner‘s Eddie Scarry cracked, “Our hero is trans!”

Journo trashes Pete Davidson profile 

“I implore media companies to please start hiring actual writers/journalists for their big profiles so I never have to read something like this again.” — Eve Peyser, freelancer.

You can read the profile in Paper here. The writer is basically a fanboy.

Melanie Trump gets booed…here.

This Esquire graphic of Trump is fucking amazing. “The wall of cameras is a Trumpian dream. For the Very Fake News, it’s a bit of a nightmare—which is itself an essential part of the Trumpian dream.” Here.