Tom Hanks Reacts To ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Not Being Able To Name Him

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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Actor Tom Hanks was shocked a group of “Jeopardy!” contestants had no idea who he was.

Hanks appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday night to discuss a clip of “Jeopardy!” contestants being puzzled by a photo of Hanks as Mister Rogers for the new film “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood,” according to a report published Tuesday by Entertainment Tonight.

“You are kidding me! You are kidding me!” Hanks exclaimed after watching the clip. “What? They didn’t even have any wrong [guesses]?”

“What was the name of the category? ‘Washed up career choices’ for $800? ‘Bad casting’ for $1,000?” he added.

Not one of the three contestants on the show gave any answer when shown a clip of Hanks playing Mister Rogers. (RELATED: ‘Jeopardy!’ Winner Donates $10,314 To Cancer Research In Honor Of Alex Trebek)

“I take it as you inhabited that character so beautifully that even they were absorbed instantaneously,” Kimmel said.

“I’ll take that. Thank you,” Hanks responded. “I think actually they were blinded by the red sweater and couldn’t make anything out.”

It’s weird to me that these people who are supposed to be able to answer basically any trivia question couldn’t name Tom Hanks. I’m just as shocked as Hanks is. It’s got to be a little bit ego-bruising.