Jerry Nadler Appears To Doze Off During Impeachment Hearing

(Photo by Saul Loeb-Pool/Getty Images)

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Democratic New Jersey Rep. Jerry Nadler was caught on camera appearing to have some difficulty keeping his eyes open as his Judiciary Committee colleague, Republican Ohio Rep. Steve Chabot, was speaking during Wednesday’s impeachment hearing.

The momentary lapse by the House Judiciary Committee chairman was posted by the Trump War Room Twitter account, which was quick to poke a little fun with some sleep-appropriate music.

In fairness to Nadler, staying awake during the entirety of Wednesday’s hearings would have been a monumental task for anyone. It included the testimony of four legal scholars, three of whom were invited by Democrats. (RELATED: Jerry Nadler Claims The Facts On Trump Impeachment Are ‘Undisputed’)

The fourth scholar, Georgetown University professor Jonathan Turley, argued that, while he did not vote for the president, impeaching him based on such a faulty line of evidence and legal reasoning will create a dangerous precedent for “generations to come.”

“President Trump will not be our last president, and what we leave in the wake of this scandal will shape our democracy for generations to come,” he said. “I’m concerned about lowering impeachment standards to fit a paucity of evidence and an abundance of anger. I believe this impeachment not only fails to satisfy the standard of past impeachments but would create a dangerous precedent for future impeachments.”