Trump Takes ‘Zero’ Responsibility For His Own Impeachment

Daily Caller edit. Fox News/CNN screenshots

Justin Caruso Contributor
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President Donald Trump claimed that he takes “zero” responsibility for his probable impeachment in a White House exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta on Tuesday.

“Mr. President, do you take any responsibility for the fact that you are about to be impeached?” Acosta asked.

“No, I don’t take any — zero, to put it mildly,” Trump responded.

“They took a perfect phone call that I had with the president of Ukraine, an absolutely perfect call — you know it, they all know it — nothing was said wrong in that call — to impeach the president of the United States for that, is a disgrace and it’s a mark on our country,” the president said.

“I will tell you why, other presidents in the future, unless they do something about this, other presidents are going to have to live with this,” Trump continued, “And every time they do something that’s a little bit unpopular or a little bit strong, even if they are 100 percent right, because I’ve done a great job, when you look at the kind of jobs we’ve created, when you look at the economy that we’ve created, when you look at rebuilding the military, taking care of the vets.”

“You just take a look at what we have done with choice, veterans’ choice, with accountability and the vets, with what we’ve done to protect our Second Amendment, and so many other things, nobody has done as much as I have done in the first three years.”

President Trump has repeatedly lashed out at Democrats over the ongoing impeachment inquiry, saying last month, “My phone call was perfect. He made it sound bad. That’s why I had to release. So the whistleblower is a disgrace to our country. A disgrace.”

On Friday, the House Judiciary Committee voted to move forward with articles of impeachment, making the impeachment of Trump an almost certain at this point. The impeachment trial will then move to the Senate. (RELATED: McConnell Says He Won’t Agree To Schumer’s Senate Trial ‘Fishing Expedition’)