CNN’s Jim Acosta Heckles Trump As He Walks Off Stage During G7 Summit In France

CNN screenshot

Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta repeatedly shouted at President Trump as he ended a press conference in Biarritz, France at the G7 summit Monday.

“I think I know more about the environment than most people. I want clean air, I want clean water, I want a wealthy country, I want a spectacular country with jobs, with pensions, with so many things and that’s what we’re getting,” Trump said.

Trump continued, saying that he wants America to have “great wealth” so citizens are taken care of.

Acosta interrupted Trump, trying to ask a question about climate change. Trump responded simply, “You weren’t called.”

“Thank you very much, everybody. I appreciate it. Thank you,” the president said as he wrapped up the press conference.

As he began to walk offstage, CNN’s Acosta continued to shout a question about climate change at him. (RELATED: Trump Makes Room Laugh At Jim Acosta During G20 Summit)

“Mr. President…you didn’t answer the question!” Acosta shouted in part.

Following the incident, the CNN reporter hopped on Twitter to recount the incident, saying, “At the end of the news conference I asked Trump whether he believed in climate change. He walked away from the stage and didn’t answer the question.”

“As this video shows, Trump walks away from perfectly capable of hearing the questions on whether he believes in climate change. He clearly heard and he didn’t want to answer it. Saying you want “clean air” and “clean water” isn’t the same as recognizing the climate change threat,” he said in another social media post.

Acosta has had a contentious relationship with the White House since Trump’s election in 2016. Last November, it reached a fever pitch after Acosta continued to ask Trump a question while he had moved on to another reporter. When a White House intern attempted to retrieve the microphone Acosta was holding, he held onto it and made contact with the woman’s arm.

The White House attempted to suspend Acosta’s press pass from the White House following this incident, which CNN responded to with legal action. His press pass was later reinstated.