Joe Biden Says He Will Not Comply With Potential Senate Impeachment Trial Subpoena

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

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Former Vice President Joe Biden told reporters again that he would not comply if the Senate issues a subpoena to testify in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Speaking to the Des Moines Register’s editorial board on Friday, the Democratic presidential front runner doubled down after being asked about a similar contention he made to NPR in early December.

“Do you stand by your earlier statements that you wouldn’t comply if you were subpoenaed to testify in an impeachment trial before the Senate,” a board member asked.

“Correct, and the reason I wouldn’t is because it’s all designed to deal with Trump doing what he’s done his whole life, trying to take the focus off him,” Biden said, calling any suggestions that he do so “a diversion” from Trump.

“Doesn’t that position you as if you’re defying a subpoena, putting yourself above the law?” asked the Register.

“Well, look, the grounds for them to call me would be overwhelmingly specious, so I don’t anticipate that happening anyway,” he responded. “But what it would do if I voluntarily just said let me go and make my case. What are you going to cover? You guys are going to cover for three weeks anything that I said. And he’s going to get away. You guys buy into it all the time. Not a joke … Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t testify if you thought I should, but think what it’s about. It’s all about what he does all the time, his entire career. Take the focus off. This guy violated the Constitution. He said it in the driveway of the White House. He acknowledged he asked for help.” (RELATED: Watch Joe Biden Lose His Cool When Reporter Asks About Ukraine Conflict Of Interest)

While the Democratic-led House of Representatives passed two articles of impeachment against the president, they have yet to send them over to the Republican-led Senate for trial. When and if they do, Republicans have raised the possibility of interviewing witnesses previously denied by House Democratic leadership, such as Biden and his son, Hunter.

WATCH the entire interview below, via the Des Moines Register. (The relevant section begins around the 43 minute mark.)