MLB Hands Down Historic Punishment To Houston Astros

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

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The MLB has handed down a historic punishment to the Houston Astros, suspending both the team’s general manager Jeff Lunhow and manager AJ Hinch for a year after an investigation concluded the team used technology to steal signs during its 2017 World Series run.

The punishments include a $5 million fine and four forfeited draft picks, potentially decimating one of baseball’s best fanchises. (RELATED: Washington Nationals Take Game One, Defeat Houston Astros 5-4 In World Series)

This is an unreal punishment. The league obviously felt that the Astros engaged in some heinous cheating. Houston has won more games than any other team in baseball over the past three years, going to three straight ALCS’, making two World Series appearances, and winning one.

This scandal mars what has been an amazing run, and should seriously impede the team’s chances for future success. The Astros should consider themselves lucky that they didn’t get their 2017 title stripped as well.

The Astros later fired both Lunhow and Hinch, according to multiple reports.