Snowshoe Artist Simon Beck Uses Snow As Canvas For Spectacular Art Pieces

[Screenshot/YouTube/Public — User: National Geographic]

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Artist Simon Beck walks around for hours at a time creating patterns in the snow that end up being intricate artwork.

Beck, 61, discussed the purpose of his art and the challenges he faces while creating the designs during an interview with the Associated Press published Thursday.

“I hope it makes people more aware of the snow and the environment and the beauty of it and how we need snow,” Beck told the AP after completing a design on the Rocky Mountains. “And I think it’s a really beautiful and unique art form.”

Creating the art and designs isn’t always easy for Beck. Sometimes, his volunteers don’t show up and the weather can also be unpredictable. (RELATED: Banana That Sold For $120,000 Eaten As ‘Art Performance’)

“It’s very frustrating when you plod around for hours and hours and hours and then the wind blows it away before you’ve finished it,” Beck said.

The first time Beck ever created his snow art was in 2004 at his home in France’s Les Arcs ski resort, AP reported. He created a five-pointed star that spread across 300 feet. His latest design was the length of two soccer fields.

“Snow drawing, which to me seems like a fairly obvious idea, was not something anyone else had ever done as far as I could tell, and I was really surprised by that,” he added.

Beck has completed 330 snow drawings and 120 in sand and has vowed to complete 1,000 drawings by the time he is 80. Since 2004, he’s become a commissioned artist, written a book and built up a fan base.