Police Officer Who Allegedly Leaked Delonte West Video Has Been Suspended

Delonte West (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/damani_givens/status/1219409909827149825)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The police officer allegedly behind the release of the Delonte West video has been suspended.

West went viral after a video surfaced of him talking to the police after a street fight in the Washington D.C. area. (RELATED: Disturbing Video Allegedly Shows Former NBA Star Delonte West After Being Beaten)

The video is absolutely heartbreaking, and it’s the latest piece of evidence of West’s shocking downfall from his playing days.

According to TMZ, the Prince George County police officer who leaked the video of the former NBA star has been suspended.

Chief Hank Stawinski added that the person responsible “will be dealt with harshly” if it’s proven they posted it to social media.

According to the same report, West allegedly started the altercation, but no parties involved wanted to press charges.

The leaking of the tape is obviously terrible, and it should be condemned. The officer responsible should 100% get into trouble for their irresponsible actions.

At the same time, it might ultimately end up doing some good. West needs serious help, and I don’t know how the NBA could see that tape and not intervene.

Let’s hope the league gets him the help he needs because it’s just heartbreaking to watch a former star fall so far.