‘We’re Kicking Your Ass!’ Greg Gutfeld And CNN’s Oliver Darcy Duke It Out Over ‘The Five’s’ Impeachment Coverage

(Fox News screengrab)

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld got into a heated Twitter exchange Friday with CNN reporter Oliver Darcy after Darcy tweeted out his disapproval of Fox News’ decision to air “The Five” instead of impeachment footage.

“CNN’s gonna write, ‘During impeachment, The Five discuses hair,'” Gutfeld joked on the show before referring specifically to CNN anchor Brian Stelter: “That’s your story, Brian!”


“Not that it’s surprising at this point, but it’s still worth noting: At 5pm, Fox stopped airing Trump’s Senate trial in favor of ‘The Five,'” Darcy tweeted Friday during the show’s airing. “CNN & MSNBC continue to show it.” (RELATED: ‘Can I Talk Now?’: Things Get Tense When Martha MacCallum Presses Sen. Chris Coons On Ambassador Firing)

To which Gutfeld responded, “And were kicking your ass!”

“Wow greg you are hilarious,” Darcy wrote.

“The Five’s” nearly 3 million viewers per week regularly wins its timeslot at the 5 p.m. hour, and has even garnered more viewers of late than MSNBC’s flagship “The Rachel Maddow Show.”