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Whether for hunting, sport-shooting or self-defense, every responsible gun owner needs an effective and safe way to store and transport their firearms. It’s important that gun owners know the storage and carrying laws in their jurisdiction before purchasing, but what makes a good gun owner is a safe and responsible one, and that start’s with high-quality, secure storage.

From carbon and outside elements, rifles can rust incredibly easily and must be regularly maintained. A rusty or dirty rifle can jam or fail to fire, which comes with obvious risks. Improper transportation can result in physical damage to a gun which compromises the integrity of the design, which can also result operational risks. Perhaps most importantly, proper firearm storage prevents theft, in addition to damage from natural elements. All gun owners are legally responsible for what happens to their firearm, so here are some ways to effectively secure your property.

1. Handgun/Desk Storage

Biometrics have made gun safety/storage jump leaps and bounds in recent years, and none more so than pistol storage underneath a desk. The importance of quick access combined with safety is very prevalent in these types of storage units.

Biometric Pistol Safe (via

Biometric pistol safes are sold in plenty of designs, such as this one from GunVault. Capable of holding up to 20 fingerprints, this steel safe can be mounted underneath a desk for quick access. Biometric units like this allow for ease of access with incredible safety, when mounted in a secure or concealed location.

For a more traditional approach, this Firearm Safety Device comes with both keycode entry and bio-scan,  manufactured for quick, quiet access.

2. Rifle Bags, Carry Cases

Due to size, we need something light-weight to carry rifles. At the same time for storage, safety is paramount while ensuring the case itself doesn’t cause damage to the equipment.

All-weather case (via

For a list of tactical bags that can carry multiple rifles, take a look at this compilation of wearable and carried products. For more permanent storage and safety, a hard case is likely the better option. Amazon’s best seller is the Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, with a water-tight seal it’s built with industrial strength to provide a lot of protection.

Other cases that offer waterproof and pressure-release valve features like the Pelican 1700, mimic traditional tool cases with steel-reinforced padlocks.

3. Lockers/Vaults

The safest and most obvious way a gun owner can secure their firearms is with a locker. It can’t be stolen, moved or broken into without a lot of effort. A standard five-rifle safe with electronic key pad is a traditional way to go. Simple and secure, even if the batteries die your passcode will be stored in the system, with no worry of the safe reverting back to default presets.


For a more tailored approach, consider a more intricate setup from SecureIt, these heavy-duty steel cabinets come with secure locks and key pads, and do not contain any material on the inside that can corrode your firearms, such as drywall or carpet.

This is subtly a very important feature as any damaged firearm may not properly function and can therefore be incredibly dangerous.

Their products range from base models to deluxe, like the Model 12 Pro, good for storing a wide array of items. In addition there are power hook-ups in case you wish to add lighting around the unit.

No matter if it’s Amazon brand or a classic design that’s been in your family for generations, one of the most important things about exercising second-amendment rights is firearm safety. Proper storage, transportation and even cleaning are of utmost importance in terms of keeping any pistol, rifle or shotgun in safe operating condition.

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