Virginia Sheriff Richard Vaughan Explains Why He Won’t Enforce Gov. Ralph Northam’s Gun Control Laws

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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Virginia Sheriff Richard Vaughan went viral at the Richmond gun rights rally earlier in January for refusing to enforce the Democratic Party’s gun control laws. Now he’s telling the Daily Caller exactly why.

Roughly 22,000 gun-rights advocates demonstrated at the Virginia capital. More than 100 localities in the state that have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries. City governments and sheriffs like Vaughan of Grayson County have vowed not to use their resources to enforce the gun control laws Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam is currently pushing through the state legislature. (RELATED: Range Owner Brings .50 Caliber Rifle To Virginia Gun Rally)

While the state attorney general has said Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions have “no force of law,” Vaughan argues that the oath he took to uphold the Constitution prevents him from following the governor’s lead.

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