Rand Paul Snaps, Says Trump Should Sue Chuck Schumer For Defamation

Fox News

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul got a little heated Tuesday on Fox News, saying that President Donald Trump should sue New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer for defamation.

“You know, I’m offended and shocked that Schumer would be so scurrilous as to accuse the president and his children of making money illegally off of politics when the only people we know have made money off of this have been Hunter Biden and Joe Biden,” Paul said.

“So Hunter Biden makes a million dollars a year, that’s documented, but Schumer simply creates and makes up and says, ‘Oh, maybe the president’s kids are making money.’ John Bolton is making money as we speak. He has probably already gotten the several million dollar advance for this book. He’s making money by testifying against the president.”

“The only people we know who have actually made money? Hunter Biden and now John Bolton. And they’re not objective–John Bolton is not objective in any way now that he’s cashing million dollar checks. To have Schumer come up and say out of the blue, ‘Maybe the president’s kids are making money,’ with no evidence at all, that’s defamation and they ought to sue him.”

Indeed, Schumer suggested, with no evidence, that President Trump’s family may have been making money overseas.

“There is nothing in the record about the president’s kids,” he also said. “So Schumer has just created this whole thing out of whole cloth and said, ‘Oh, why don’t we go after the president’s kids?’ We don’t know yet whether or not the president’s dealings with the Chinese president have something to do with the Trumps making money.’ He just made it up! Completely made it up! That’s defamation of character and he ought to go to court and be sued for it.”

Paul has been a staunch defender of the president throughout the impeachment proceedings. He has said that he may force a vote to have Hunter Biden testify, and also suggested he may out the CIA whistleblower himself. (RELATED: Rand Paul Says Adam Schiff Is Unifying Republicans When He Talks During Impeachment Process)