CNN Correspondents Lead In Twitter Sensation’s ‘Liberal Hack’ Tournament

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Lindsay Wigo Contributor
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The round three results of the viral Twitter “Liberal Hack” tournament were announced today and five of the winners are CNN correspondents.  

Anonymous Twitter sensation Comfortably Smug announced his “Liberal Hack Tournament” last week, tweeting out an NCAA-style bracket with 64 liberal political commentators. Head-to-head polls tweeted daily give Twitter users the chance to vote contenders to the next round. Round three advancements were announced yesterday around 2 P.M. and polling closed 24 hours after.

Reigning in the No. 1 seed with 84 percent of the vote is CNN’s Jim Acosta, who dominated MSNBC’s Joy Reid in the “Fake News” division. Also advancing in this division is CNN anchor Don Lemon with 87 percent of the vote. Lemon’s advancement could be due to recent backlash for mocking Trump supporters during a late night panel.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who was placed in the third seed, beat out second seed Joe Scarborough in the “Establishment Hacks” division. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow also advanced after defeating frequent Trump critic, George Conway.

CNN’s Brian Stelter, who is also a top seed, won in his “Way Too Online” division. Also advancing in this round is Daily Beast editor Molly Jong-Fast. (RELATED: CNN Forces Out Another One Of Its Pro-Trump Commentators)

In the “Liberal Activists” division, moving on to the next round is Washington Post opinion writer Jennifer Rubin, who took nearly 90 percent of the vote against Vox opponent Matthew Yglesias. Political commentator Ana Navarro-Cárdenas also secured a spot in the next round after defeating Max Boot.

This is the first “Liberal Hack” tournament that Comfortably Smug has announced. A spokesman for Smug Industries told the Daily Caller that Comfortably Smug is “a man of the people, and his minions have flocked to these polls in droves to express their overwhelming displeasure with these biased mainstream ‘journalists.'”

“The people are taking back control of the narrative, the way Smug intended. Each and every hack represented in the bracket fought hard, but in the end there can only be one winner. Let it be known that with over 750,000 votes, there has been greater participation in the liberal hack bracket than in a number of states in 2016.”