Ana Navarro Compares Republicans At Trump Presser To Her Dog Begging For Treats

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Ana Navarro compared Republicans at President Donald Trump’s press conference to her dog begging for treats.

Navarro, who appeared Friday on ABC’s “The View,” was referencing the post-acquittal speech Trump had given nearly 24 hours earlier.


“I thought yesterday was an example of insanity,” Navarro began. “For me he’s now not only president loco, he is impeached president loco because he likes the word acquittal. I like the word impeached. And I thought yesterday was just totally off the rails.”

Navarro pointed out the fact that Trump’s attacks on the people he believed had wronged him did not begin during his press conference but hours earlier, when he spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast. (RELATED: Ana Navarro Blows Up At Meghan McCain: ‘Don’t Scream At Me. I’m Two Feet Away’)

“He began with this prayer breakfast, a prayer breakfast where he questioned the authenticity of Mitt Romney’s faith,” Navarro continued. “Now listen, if you cheated on your pregnant wife with a Playboy bunny and cheated on the Playboy bunny with a stripper, you really have no leg to stand on to question Mitt Romney’s faith.”

Navarro concluded with the president’s press conference, saying that the Republicans who attended appeared to be begging for attention in the way that he dog begged for treats.

“And then he had this presser that was over an hour at the White House surrounded by these Republicans that looked at him the way my five-pound poodle looks at me when she wants a treat, you know? ‘Oh please say my name, say my name,'” Navarro said. “And it was insanity.”