Video Shows Man Threatening Students For Trump Chapter: ‘Slash Republican Throats’

(Students For Trump/TwitterScreenshot)

Greg Price Contributor
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A man threatened to “slash the throat” of “Trump and every Republican” to the Arizona State Students For Trump chapter while they were tabling on the campus.

The video was posted to the ASU Students For Trump Twitter account and went viral on Wednesday, gaining over 3 million views.

It shows a man coming up to the Students For Trump members and screaming “…In the town square, slash his throat. Every f**kin Republican, suck my f**kin balls. Slash Republican throats. Slash fascist throats.”

As he was walking away, one of the members of the club said back “have a nice day.” (RELATED: Four Campus Free Speech Problems Solved)

Chapter president Osama Alani said in a statement to the Daily Caller, “We stood prepared to defend each other against the potential threat but thankfully, the situation deescalated as he left and everyone was safe at the end of the day.”

Chapter member Blayke Heaton, who told the individual “have a nice day,” also said “this happens frequently and we’re trying to show that Trump supporters will not be silenced by the left no matter how threatening and spiteful they are towards us. It makes us stronger!”

Arizona State campus police later tweeted that they are aware of the video and are working with the University to “address the matter.”